I'm a Wellness Expert and co-founder of Daily Glow. I've been in the wellness industry for 19 years and can't imagine being anywhere else!

My years working in wellness have taught me how incredibly important blood sugar balance is to overall health and wellbeing. From gut health to brain health, learning to balance your blood sugar will have a profound impact on your life, as it did mine.


For those of you wondering what qualifications I have to teach and coach on this topic, let me share a bit about my background. I started in this industry as a massage therapist, learning the value of relaxation and body work. I went on to get my doctorate in chiropractic care and fell further in love with natural approaches to health and healing. During my schooling in chiropractic care I was also trained in acupuncture therapy and craniosacral therapy, two wonderful modalities that bring calm and balance to the body and mind.

Shortly after I finished my doctorate I opened my first wellness practice. I quickly found that I had better outcomes with patients receiving nutritional therapies and recommendations, which led me to get my masters degree in nutrition and functional medicine. That program was my favorite educational experience of my career. It taught me the power of understanding the root cause behind a health problem and how impactful nutrition and lifestyle medicine is!

Through this deep educational experience I began to heal my own blood sugar imbalances while also helping my patients and have been nothing short of astounded at what an impact balanced blood sugar can have on energy, sleep, performance, mental clarity, and so much more.

I went on to do training in yoga and meditation so I can better support people with stress management and self-care...something we truly all need in this fast-paced, high stress way of life we've come to know.

I've also completed additional training to become certified as a Sleep Science Coach. Sleep may just be the most impactful health-promoting activity we do as humans, influencing every aspect of our health. From improving blood sugar control and metabolism to enhancing focus, cognitive function, productivity, and immunity, adequate quality sleep is essential for a healthy life!

My background serves as a comprehensive foundation for helping people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.